Not Giving Up

It has been ever such a long time since I last ventured to write about my health journey. And so much has changed! Amidst all those changes, taking care of myself hasn’t always been at the top of the priority list.

As a brief synopsis, in the last two years my hubby and I had been working towards moving abroad. This meant lots of moving, living with friends, selling our things, and being unsettled for about a year. In that time I tried my best to at least keep moving. I’ve always struggled with routine in my life – in all aspects – so having an unsettled life made it that much more difficult. But in all the craziness, I found Zumba. This was the last thing I thought I would love.

I first attended a couple of Zumba classes with a girlfriend. And then I went alone. I was hooked. This is coming from someone who generally finds dancing a rather unenjoyable pastime. But I found myself loving the music, having steps to follow, and letting go. I could shake my booty without any worry of judgement. In the beginning it was a little daunting, not knowing the steps yet. But after a few sessions, I began to pick up on it. It got easier, and therefore more fun. And the more of the routine I knew, the harder I could push myself. For the first time ever, I found a cardio activity that I loved. An hour flew by. Never before would I do an hour of cardio. I always found it so boring. So with that, I tried going to class 3 times a week. It didn’t matter what I was doing. I would schedule work and other plans around Zumba. And then, I moved.

I had grand intentions of keeping up with my Zumba via Youtube. I have now been in Thailand nine months and only ever did it once. First of all, it’s very hot here. And I only have air-con in my bedroom.  Working out in 90+ heat and 75% humidity doesn’t sound appealing to me. But I need to make it work.

A few times here and there the last few months I’ve done some circuit workouts, but have not kept up the motivation (did I mention it’s hot here). But something clicked last week – I can do this, no matter where I am. So, I re-downloaded MyFitnessPal, re-downloaded Sworkit and got to it. I’ve tracked food for six days, and exercised thrice since. Although running the air-con is a bit spendy, I’ve told myself I’m worth it. If that’s what it takes for me to workout, then I’ll do it. And my hubby is on board. So, current plan, workout Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. I’m just getting back in to the routine, so I’m trying to make realistic goals.

So, last Saturday I started with 20 minutes of Sworkit abs for beginners, then five minutes of stretching on either end of that. Monday I did 35 minutes total of full body with stretching.  I’m not scheduled to workout until tomorrow, but I had the motivation and the time to get in a workout today. 38 minutes of awkward, uncoordinated Zumba with a video from Youtube in my air-con room. There was no end to the sweat. But it felt good to do it again. I hope to incorporate it more in upcoming weeks.

On the nutrition front – I’m struggling. I’ve given myself a goal of 1750 calories – but for some reason I can break past about 1300. Perhaps because it is so stinkin’ hot. I don’t feel terribly hungry. Living in Thailand, my options for eating out are all laden with rice, MSG, sugar, and canola oil. Because of our busy schedule, it’s often convenient to grab food out. But even just eating home-cooked, I struggle to reach my calorie goal. Balance is always a challenge, and perhaps in time I will figure it out.

For now I will continue to forge ahead with this endeavor. I will also do my best to keep journaling for the mental health aspect of this journey. I haven’t given up yet.