17 Days and Counting

Well, it’s been a whole 17 days since I got back on the taking care of myself wagon. In the last 17 days I have worked out 10 times. Some days I worked out when I hadn’t scheduled myself to workout – just because I enjoyed it. It wasn’t out of guilt either. Exercise for the sake of exercise.

I’m really glad I found some Zumba videos on YouTube. They’re not the greatest – I definitely miss my old class – but they do the trick for now. Although, I am finding that I am less motivated to push myself while doing Zumba as I was in an actual classroom setting. Using others in the class to set the bar higher, the instructor pushing me to go that little extra bit – I need to be that for myself. But overall, it has definitely motivated me to workout more.

Sometimes it feels like diet will be a lifelong battle. When I do watch what I eat, I don’t eat enough. When I don’t watch what I eat the calories come easily – but all from the wrong things. Living in a tropical place means fruit is abundant year round – and it is delicious. So, I end up having a lot more sugar than recommended. The only added sugars I have in my diet right now are a daily dose of honey in my earl grey tea. Although, I did eat a snickerdoodle yesterday (the hubby really wanted cookies – and who can bake 85 cookies without tasting one?) But overall, I’m not having dessert everyday – except for fruit. I feel like at this point in my journey I’m not going to deprive myself of fruit. It’s my compromise for not having ice cream every other day – which is tempting when its 90 degrees outside everyday. My favorite treat right now is frozen grapes. They’re like healthy popsicle bites. Delish.

I am pretty excited to reach my first fitness goal: week four = two hour massage. I’m working very hard to not reward myself with food. So every four weeks that I keep up my workout schedule and eat well I get a two hour Thai massage. This is an affordable splurge here: $12. Seeing as I don’t have a scale, I can only track my fitness results via a tape measure. This is fine by me. But next I need to set a goal and a reward for loosing x number of inches. Both the goal and reward are to be determined. In addition to setting these short term goals, my specific long term goal is to be a size 6. At the moment I’m between 12-14. I hope this is a reasonable goal. I just need to believe in myself!! I can do this!!

Next post will be at week four – after the massage and some measurement updates. Until then, stay healthy!