Bum + Leg

I thought I was going to die! Not really, but almost. Have I mentioned I’m out of shape?? But the good news is, I finished the workout. Here’s what I did:

Leg + Bum

When I chose this workout I looked at each set and thought, “I can do that!” It was just that doing them in succession was a bit more than my brain had planned for. My muscles kept up with the exercises, but the real struggle was the nauseated, dizzy feeling I get when pushing myself to a new cardio level. Working my lower body is always cardio for me. Back in the olden days of working with my trainer, we never quite figured out what my nausea trigger was. I ate before my workout and to gave myself enough time after eating. I was hydrated and in a cool room. I personally thing it’s just my body adjusting to a new set of circumstances. We will see how leg day goes next time.

Instead of just doing three sets in a row of each exercise, I did one set each, all the way through the workout, then started again from the top. The first two sets took me about twenty minutes. The last set took me another thirty because I had to pause so long in between exercises. I opted to slowly complete the whole workout instead of just giving up because I couldn’t do it quickly. And for that, I am proud.

This workout came from WorkoutLabs. I hadn’t heard of it before.  Non-members can only access three workouts per month. The service is $12.95/month. Since I’m doing this on the cheap, I won’t signing up and paying for any workouts. Several of the plans also require full gym equipment. If you’re looking for a digital trainer, I think this site is great. The features they advertise are: workout plans for every fitness level, a workout calendar you can access from all you devices or print and take with you, and customized workouts. There are also detailed instructions for each workout that highlight which muscles you’ll be working. There are definitely a lot of perks that come with  WorkoutLabs. However, if you just want to workout at home, or you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, there are many other free sources out there. It will just take a little more work and planning on your part.

Well, that’s today’s summary. As soon as the water comes back on in our house, I will be taking a shower because, to be honest, I now smell disgusting. It’s the badge of a good workout.

Check back in on Monday when we tackle arms!