Push-ups Are Not My Strength…Yet

Sunday was busy. But it ended with good friends, good food, and good beer. That’s right beer. While getting in shape, being healthy, and losing weight are important to me, so is enjoying life and the abundant pleasures food and drink have to offer – but in moderation. Last night’s dinner composed of gyoza as appetizers, Waterfall Pork and sticky rice, and six ounces of a dark German lager. Yum!

Today was less busy. Chores around the house, FaceTime with family, and a friend stopped by from out of town. I was still rather unmotivated for today’s workout. One reason, of many, was trying to figure out how I would modify the exercises. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I don’t have much equipment, including dumbbells – which was required for each exercise. So I tried using my resistance bands. This was only partially effective. Well, take a look at the exercise, and then I’ll explain.

Tank Top Arms

Superset 1: First of all, I cannot do a full push-up yet. I can do a few on my knees,  but I couldn’t do 15 of them well. So, by step one, we were already off to a rough start. I did end up doing all 45, on my knees, without great form. As for the second half of this set, I held my resistance band down with my front foot so I could attempt the lawnmowers. It went so-so.

Superset 2: This set went more smoothly. Using my bands with handles I was able to do both exercises with relative ease. It still would have been easier with dumbbells.

Superset 3: See problem number one. By this point my arms were jello. I couldn’t even lift myself off the ground. I tried just doing a plank and using the resistance band to do rows. By set three I had given up and just did an extra set of bent-over rows.

Superset 4: And then there were more bicep curls. I did another set of 45, and just skipped the last exercise, which was just more curls.

Overall, I was underwhelmed with this workout. For my fitness level, there were too many push-ups. And I just don’t have the right equipment for it. But I will say, I can barely hold my arms up to type this post, so it wasn’t all for nought. I might try and come back to this workout someday, but not in the very near future. But I may go back and check out more of the workouts on the site In Fitness and In Health.

Check back Thursday to see what ab workout I put myself through!